Top 150 Ads

We had to pick 6 winners and 26 finalists, but there were dozens of thought-provoking and hilarious entries. Here are our top 150 choices for you to view and share with friends. Click on the title to view the ad (requires Quicktime) or email the creator directly.

  1. "Child's Pay" by Charlie Fisher
  2. "Polygraph" by Adam Feinstein & Rich Garella
  3. "In My Country" by Outpost 7
  4. "What are we teaching our children?" by Fred Surr, Ted Page, Janet Tashjian
  5. "Imagine" by Mark Vicente
  6. "Human Cost of War" by Brian Wilkinson
  7. "Wake Up America" by Lisa M. Rowe
  8. "Desktop" by David Haynes
  9. "Bankrupt" by Adam Klugman/Dave Adams
  10. "Army of One (with Narration)" by People to People TV (penny little & nik green) Take Back The Media (Micheal Stinson & Julie Sigwart)
  11. "Hood Robbin'" by Nathania Vishnevsky
  12. "Leave No Billioniare Behind" by Andrew Boyd (AKA Phil T. Rich) & the B4B team. Full credits at:
  13. "Bush's Repair Shop" by Eric Martin
  14. "Gone in 30 Seconds" by Eric Blumrich
  15. ""The Patriot Act"" by Curtis Hannum
  16. "PAYBACK" by Austin Atiyeh
  17. "Grow Up" by Dan & Lindsay Sturman
  18. "Two Hands" by Rob Page & John Lang
  19. "Promising Future-02" by anonymous.c., TN
  20. "What has he done for you?" by Peter Dean, Brian Seifferlein, Dan Burger, Lisa Tubach, Emily Seifferlein
  21. "Bushopoly" by Telequest - Scott Nielsen
  22. ""Connect The Dots"" by KomaDutra
  23. "Freedom" by Charles Frazier
  24. "Promising Future-03" by Anonymous.c., TN
  25. "Do the Math" by Bill Freais and friends
  26. "Honor & Integrity?" by Oren & Toni
  27. "A Big Puzzle" by Christopher Fink
  28. "The Job Review" by The Wilmington Seven
  29. "The Wrong Track" by Tim and Paul Erskine, Music by Vince Frates
  30. ""The Truth Is..."" by Rebecca Haimowitz, Tamar Goelman, Tara Benigno, Griffin Monahan, Udi Ofer
  31. "NOTE TO SELF" by Christopher Mosio
  32. "Bush leads, America bleeds" by Brett Nelson/Natalie Sternberg
  33. "What I Been Up To..." by Ty Pierce & Mark Wolfe
  34. "Yellow Ribbons" by Kristen Palana
  35. "Say Something" by Loki Productions -- Sean Karlin, Thomas Barnes
  36. "Lessons of Mass Deception" by Ted Bourne & Anna Minkkinen
  37. "What Ever Happened?" by Greg Tannen & Fluid
  38. "The Truth" by Alan Fisher
  39. "Al Keyda" by Joel Viertel, Trevor Murphy, Alek Friedman, H. Scott Salinas
  40. "A Dictatorship?" by Andy Seaver, Sarna Lapine, Chad McNees, Sean Frego
  41. "Funerals for us, fundraisers for him" by rodrigo dorfman
  42. "I am a carpenter" by Michael Massey
  43. "Where Did All the Teachers Go?" by Jason Sperling and John Matysiak
  44. "Leaving Grace Behind" by Daniel Leighton & Jeff Reese
  45. "Tell the Truth" by Telequest: Dan Preston, Scott Nielsen, Dick Blofson
  46. "Promising Future-01" by anonymous.c., TN
  47. "God's Children" by Mark Vicente
  48. "Yeehaw!" by Wings Take Dream
  49. "Action Team Bush" by Thea Lux, Ben Mayer, Andy Cobb, Suree Towfighnia
  50. "Lessons" by Eric Adelstein
  51. "Better Things" by Steve Gluckman, Jonathan Levy, Andrew Ott
  52. "Bush Lie #6 - Tax Cut" by Harry Hanbury
  53. "GAME OVER BUSH" by Warren J. Fu
  54. "Ask Yourself" by BlueStar Coalition: Rob Stegman, Andrew Zamore, Jay Rose, John DeLancey, Mark Herd, et al
  55. "A Record of Interest" by D Ritchie
  56. ""Cake"" by Chris Hume
  57. "Our Future World Leaders Speak" by Jamie Moore
  58. "Familes Speak Out" by Julia & David
  59. "Dear Mr. President" by Joy Tsao
  60. "The Patriot" by Cori Paulet and Erika Stenrick
  61. "Silver Spoon" by Sandya Viswanathan
  62. "Oh, Dear!" by Rochester's Raging Grannies
  63. "Take the Money and Run" by Ken Goldman
  64. "Time Out, version 2" by Diana Graber
  65. "" by Gerry Miller/Barbara Gorder
  66. "The Party's Over" by Anna Muoio & Lucas Platt
  67. "Misled" by Guerrilla News Network (
  68. "George W. Bush - He's NO Republican" by Lauren Flick
  69. "Follow-The-Leader" by Gordon McIver, Oscar Bucher, Carlos Hunt, Jason Predock
  70. "You Have the Right" by "Our Turn" Collective
  71. "Ducting the Constitution" by brett vail
  72. "School Yard Politics" by David E. K. Abramson
  73. "Imagine What They Would Say" by Alek Friedman, Joel Viertel, H. Scott Salinas
  74. "Compassionate Conservative" by Simone Fary
  75. "If Parents Acted Like Bush" by Christopher Fink
  76. "It's OK" by Alan Teller, Oral User, Sharon Karp, Jerri Zbiral
  77. "Parent's Lesson" by Jeff Maksym (Push/Pull Films)
  78. "truth" by Cam Khoury
  79. "Nothing in 30" by Shant Mesrobian
  80. "Portrait of Bush" by Poolside Entertainment
  81. ""Silence"" by Nathan Ackerman
  82. "You're Fired" by Ted Mills and Jonathan Crow
  83. "Veterans on George W. Bush" by Steve Brown - StevesTV
  84. "GW Bush Global Dominator Action Figure" by Chris Thomas
  85. "Thank You Mr. Bush!" by Christine Rose
  86. "Not One Has Been Found" by Christine Poremski, Todd Holland, Julie Griesert, Beth Burkhart, Nicole Miller
  87. "Mission Accomplished?" by Celia Beasley, Kimberly Chin, Megan Griffiths, Jesus Velazquez
  88. "Bus Driver" by Team Reinisch
  89. "Can't Say It" by David Victory
  90. "Republican Legacies" by Dan Wood
  91. "Bring It On" by Jared Ewy
  92. "Which guy?" by Ben Bryant
  93. "Relationships" by Cam Khoury
  94. "When!" by Roy McKinnon
  95. "The Crime" by Jonathan Kim & Andrew Sachs
  96. "Everything is Fine" by Ron Gabaldon/M'Wasi Berkley
  97. "Think Again" by Randall Ryder III
  98. "Ad Agency" by Jonathan Stern
  99. "Bush Industries" by Team Reinisch
  100. "Lost My Job" by Joel Viertel, Trevor Murphy, Alek Friedman, H. Scott Salinas
  101. "87 Billion" by Andrew Ott Jonathan Levy and Steve Gluckman
  102. "Bush Sucks!" by Scott Runcorn/Andrew Wallace/Peter Jacques
  103. "Pay Off" by Donna Brown, Donna Egen, Dorothy Watson, Courtney Mata
  104. "He Can't Do That" by John J.
  105. "Melting Pot Recipe" by Eric Klein
  106. "Flag" by Bill Kurth
  107. ""Brother, Can You Spare A Job?"" by Tom Neely & Greg Saunders
  108. "Would You Steal from a Child?" by Barbara Blackburn Tuttle, James Robinson
  109. "Focus Group" by Poolside Entertainment
  110. "Down the Drain" by Team Reinisch
  111. "Greatest Hits" by Bad Ads Boston- Mandy Rachel Mario Chris Ron Jim Dave
  112. "What Would Jesus Do ?" by anthony avildsen and daniel mackenzie
  113. "the people have spoken" by rodrigo nino
  114. "Band of Mothers" by Martin Bedogne, Suzanne O'Keeffe, Benjamin Scuglia
  115. "Failing the Dover Test" by Jason Orrill
  116. "Lying" by Joe Winston, Ow Myeye Productions
  117. "Bush Diner" by Gwyneth Jones Nicholson
  118. "Choices" by Jannie Gerds, Dotsy Evans, John Petrini
  119. "Who Do You Work For?" by Meredith Lucio
  120. "Meg Wilson Speaks Out" by Michelle Cordray
  121. "Presidential Lies" by Hungry Ad Guys
  122. "Bushillin Toxum 1" by Mike Edwards, Ravi and Raji Krishnaswami
  123. "Little Lies" by Colorado Film School
  124. "Just Like Us" by Andrew Boyd (AKA Phil T. Rich) & the B4B team. Full credits at:
  125. "Bush Knew" by Global Free Press
  126. "537 People" by Steven corey, Kristin Loeb, Steve Beganyi (Push/Pull Films)
  127. "I'm an American" by Richard Dyer
  128. "BUSHIT METER" by Holly Mosher, Yves Mignon, Marie Frick, Brad Gottfred
  129. "Just Say No..." by Plug Ugly Films - (M.Sladek, Director)
  130. "Dubya The Defender!" by Sorrel Ahlfeld
  131. "Thank You America" by Ben Fisher, Chad Halliday and Ben Halliday
  132. "Jobless" by Ian Lawrence & Lillie Stinson
  133. "My Grandmother, Life-Long Republican" by Robert Tate
  134. "Arbusto" by Jae Goodman, Mark Grundland, Patrick Condo, Ed Feldman, George Cook
  135. "Your Country on Bush" by Len X. Clayton
  136. "Bushillin Toxum 2" by Mike Edwards, Ravi and Raji Krishnaswami
  137. "The Audition" by Jonathan Stern
  138. "Bush Cheney Auto World" by John Spaight & Andrew Goldberg
  139. "Charade" by Lisa M. Perry, Jessie Hutcheson, Allen Hutcheson
  140. "If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate 3" by Matt Kresling, Seth Toedter, Bennett Jones
  141. "Corporate Squeegee" by Ben Mayer, Thea Lux, Andy Cobb, Suree Towfighnia
  142. "Thank You, George!" by Lew Schatzer
  143. "I Said Nothing" by Jonathan Eder
  144. "Skip & Muffy Thank George W. Bush" by Erik Huey & Dan Manatt
  145. "White House Pizza Preferences" by Thom Cuttita; Karen Rosica
  146. "If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate 5" by Matt Kresling, Seth Toedter, Bennett Jones
  147. ""Bush Doesn't Tip"" by Matthew Warren
  148. "If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate 4" by Matt Kresling, Seth Toedter, Bennett Jones
  149. "If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate 1" by Matt Kresling, Seth Toedter, Bennett Jones
  150. "If the Bush Administration Was Your Roommate 2" by Matt Kresling, Seth Toedter, Bennett Jones