Answers to Frequently Asked Questions



Q: The rating process seems totally unfair. What gives?

Please check out the detailed description of the voting process we've posted. We find once most people understand the process fully, they're satisfied that it's fair -- both for voters and for contestants.

Q: Is there any way to browse ads? Why don't you have an index?

The Bush in 30 Seconds voting site doesn't provide an index of ads in order to prevent folks from getting their friends to vote up their ads. We're looking for the ads with the broadest appeal, not the ads submitted by the most popular people. When voting is over, we'll definitely post the top ads so that everyone can see them.

Q: Do I need to vote on all of the ads?

Nope. Our software selects ads to be viewed in a random order, so votes are spread out over the whole pool of ads. Just view as many as you like, and other users will view the ads you haven't.

Q: I submitted an ad. Why can't I get my friends to vote for it? OR: My friend submitted an ad. How can I find his or her video to vote on it?

If you're looking for your friend's ad to vote on it, we've made that intentionally hard to do.

We're looking for the ads with the broadest appeal, not the ads submitted by the most popular people. So, while contestants can certainly share their ads with their friends using the "Send this ad to a friend" function, when people are rating ads they'll be shown them in a random order, without an index. It's all for the greater good.

Q: Do I need a Mac to view ads? Or will it work on a PC too?

The ads work on Macs and PCs, but you will need Apple's free QuickTime software to view them. You can download that for either platform on Apple's website.

Q: I submitted an ad, and it was rejected. Can you tell me why?

Unfortunately, for legal reasons we can't tell submitters on what grounds the ads were rejected. Please rest assured that we examined each ad multiple times, and made every effort to let as many ads as possible into the voting stage.

Q: Why is there a 20 ad limit? I want to rate more ads!

We feel your pain. But bandwidth isn't cheap, and the 20-per-person cap is saving tens of thousands of dollars. Since there's only a certain amount of money we can spend on this project, we had to decide between having fewer people rate more ads and having more people rate fewer ads. The latter is more democratic.

Q: Won't people just vote on the first few ads and leave the other ads out?

Since ads are shown to any given user in a random order, your "first few ads" will differ entirely from someone else's. Ratings are spread out over the entire pool of ads, although ads which are ranked higher are shown a bit more frequently.

Q: Why do you require QuickTime?

We had to decide on one standard which would work for most users and present a high video quality. QuickTime fit the bill.

Q: The ads take too long to download. Any way to speed this up?

While Bush in 30 Seconds raters are certainly using a lot of bandwidth, the company which is hosting these ads has a much greater capacity. Problems with download time are probably on your end, unfortunately, which means there's not much we can do about it. All ads have been compressed to the smallest size that preserves their quality.

Q: I have Linux. How can I watch QuickTime movies?

You'll need to install this plugin:

Q: I'm having trouble using/navigating your website. What can I do?

A: Our site works best when you use the latest version of Netscape or Internet Explorer. Upgrading to the latest version should solve any kinks you're encountering.

Q: My question wasn't answered here. What can I do to get some help?

Email any remaining questions to While we probably won't be able to answer your question individually, we'll incorporate it into the next version of this FAQ and let you know when it's up.

Q: I submitted my ad, but it didn't seem to go through. How do I know you've received my ad?

A: All entrants who submit ads will receive email confirmation. If you don't receive an email confirmation after submitting your ad (remember, it may take up to an hour to upload), please contact us at . Please double check that you are using the current version of your browser.

Q: I lost or forgot my password. How do I recover it?

Just go to the retrieve password page. Enter the email address you've registered with MoveOn, click Submit, and check your email in a few minutes. You'll receive a link you can use to reset your password.